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A woman-owned health technology research and consulting firm dedicated to improving health outcomes through the use of evidence. We evaluate a wide variety of medical technologies to determine clinical effectiveness, comparative effectiveness, safety, and impact.

Unbiased, evidence-based research and analysis of new, evolving, existing, and controversial healthcare technologies to support health plans in the development of defensible, transparent coverage policies, care management protocols, and clinical practice guidelines.

Unbiased, evidence-based assessments to help hospitals evaluate the impact of new, evolving, existing, and controversial healthcare technologies on safety, patient outcomes, internal resources, and return on investment (ROI).

Expertise in providing unbiased evidence synthesis and health technology assessments, coupled with an understanding of government healthcare programs, provides a trust-worthy resource for policy makers, government agencies and contractors.

A workplace benefit that provides personalized and confidential evidence-based information to employees experiencing disruptive health events.

Hayes Highlights


NEW White Paper: Informed Healthcare Decisions Begin with Evidence

Choosing products and treatments that will reduce the cost of care and lead to better patient outcomes is a daunting process that can be streamlined with the use of evidence. Our latest white paper explains how.


DECODING THE HYPE: Desensitizing Kids to Peanut Allergies

Children appear to be at less risk of developing peanut or tree nut (P/TN) allergies if their mothers are not allergic and ate more nuts during pregnancy, according to a study published by JAMA Pediatrics.


Letter to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Hayes offers the following response to the concerns raised in the letter of October 30, 2013 regarding the Palmetto Molecular Diagnostics (MolDX) Services Program and Medicare coverage of molecular pathology procedures.


DECODING THE HYPE: Controversy Continues Regarding New Heart Disease Guidelines

Over the past week, more than 300 news outlets have published features regarding the new guidelines for heart disease. We thought we’d take a minute to review the key elements of the new guidelines as well as the controversies surrounding one in particular.


White Paper: A Professional’s Guide to the Use and Misuse of Scientific Abstracts

If you rely only on the abstracts that accompany scientific manuscripts or conference proceedings, you may not be getting an accurate picture of the results. We provide a checklist to help professionals quickly identify whether or not a particular abstract contains accurate and complete information that can be used for time-sensitive decision-making.

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