Proven Process

how we can help you transform healthcare with evidence

One size definitely does not fit all.
Your organization is unique and so is the solution we'll craft for you.

You need answers, but do you know the questions you should be asking? Vendors claim they evaluate the evidence, but...

  • Are they really evidence-based?
  • Do they have affiliations with manufacturers?
  • What is the caliber of their staff?
  • Do they utilize a proven scientific methodology?

The answers to these questions are what sets Hayes apart. Get started with us today to begin your journey to a healthier organization.


In order to maximize our partnership, we need to first understand the:

  • Obstacles blocking your path
  • Constraints of your resources
  • Needs your team is struggling to overcome

Get started today by completing a short needs assessment.

Provider_Needs_Assessment                    Payers_Needs_Assessment


Once we understand your challenges, we’ll dive deeper to:

  • Explore contributing factors
  • Examine internal and external resources
  • Identify your problem(s)

To receive a complimentary analysis, get started with a short needs assessment.

Needs_Assessment_Providers_Analyze                    Needs_Assessment_Payer_Analyze


Opinions are great, but we let the facts drive our decisions. Let’s design your evidence-based custom solution package.

Are you a hospital or health system with an over-worked staff and limited resources?  Or, are you a health plan whose policy department needs a more robust resource to support your decisions? Regardless of your situation, Hayes has an answer. Together, we’ll discuss and evaluate a variety of options that will meet not only your needs, but also your budget.



Welcome aboard! You’ve taken the first step, now let us show you the power you have by:

  • Executing the solution package
  • Building the relationship
  • Optimizing your tool set

It's at this point, you will see our passion for evidence, unrivaled methodology, and our commitment to supporting your initiatives.



Our 96% retention rate is a sign of our dedication and commitment to our customers.

For Hayes, the relationship with the client is the most valued part of the package.  The engagement you will enter into with Hayes does not have a start and a finish, it is cyclical.  Our dedicated staff keeps the lines of communication open and flowing to ensure we’re periodically reviewing what is working, what you still need or what may need to be adjusted.  Hayes is now a member of your team – we are as invested in your goals as you are.