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integrating evidence into coverage policy development

Does improving healthcare mean a bigger budget?

Innovation is responsible for the development of new treatments – and cures – for some of our most pressing medical problems. But innovation usually comes at a cost, both to patients and health plans. The conundrum becomes whether the new treatment brings true value both financially and in terms of improved outcomes.

That’s where Hayes, Inc. comes in. As the acknowledged leader in evidence-based health technology assessments (HTAs), Hayes’ clients represent nearly 200 million covered lives in the U.S.

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Fiercely Unbiased

Hayes brings a fiercely unbiased viewpoint to research and analysis that determines the efficacy and value of medical technology and practices. Health plans and government programs use our well-proven HTA products, education and customized services to:

  • Develop defensible, transparent coverage policies that are compliant with NCQA and URAC accreditation
  • Make decisions about new technologies in the absence of an existing coverage policy
  • Design and implement care management protocols and best practice guidelines
  • Enhance clinical outcomes while containing costs

Whether it’s evaluating existing technology and protocols, or exploring the value and efficacy of emerging sciences such as genetic testing or specialty pharmaceuticals, Hayes serves as your trusted partner for evidence-based medicine.

White_Payer_Right_Genetic_QuestionsShould you be covering that genetic test?

Ask these 11 questions when making genetic testing coverage decisions and avoid the financial,
operational, and emotional consequences of performing unnecessary testing that may cause harm.


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