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improving the quality of patient care with an evidence-based approach

Manage change with evidence-based medicine

Constrained reimbursements, continuously evolving regulations and penalties, innovative medical technologies, population health management, healthcare consumerism – the list of challenges facing hospitals and health systems is seemingly endless. In an environment where the only consistency is change, it’s good to have a knowledgeable, experienced partner.


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Fiercely Unbiased

Hayes brings a fiercely unbiased viewpoint to analyzing the efficacy of medical technology and clinical approaches. Our Evidence Advisor Service, health technology assessment products, and accredited education programs deliver the information hospitals need to make well-informed decisions about which medical technologies result in high-quality, cost-effective healthcare and improved clinical outcomes.

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Improving results across the health system

Hayes’ reputation as the leader in evidence-based health technology assessments (HTAs) began with health plans, but health systems and hospitals have discovered that Hayes can help them improve both clinical and supply chain results.

Clinical Applications

The national focus on evidence-based medicine to support improved patient outcomes requires trustworthy data from an unbiased source. With the help of Hayes, hospitals and health systems can:

  • Eliminate clinical variation and reduce costs while maintaining or improving clinical outcomes.
  • Ensure the safety, efficacy, and value of existing and emerging technologies.
  • Take an evidence-based approach when moving to ACO models or launching population health initiatives.
  • Support value-based initiatives as well as clinical transformation and physician alignment.

Financial Applications

Balancing the needs and desires of medical staff with mandates to reduce costs can be tough. Hospitals and health systems operating in today’s value-based environment turn to Hayes to:

  • Provide evidence-based analysis as the foundation for product standardization. 
  • Apply rigor to the analysis of new and emerging technologies for acquisition decisions. 
  • Engage and align clinicians in supply chain decisions through evidence-based value analysis.
  • Augment strategic planning efforts by forecasting new health technologies that will significantly influence healthcare delivery, utilization, and costs over the next three to five years.

Making_Tech_DecisionsHow do you make healthcare technology decisions when there is limited evidence?

Learn the 10 questions you need to ask when making tough technology acquisition decisions.


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