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Hayes, Inc. Unveils Laboratory Comparison Tables for GTE Clients

August 28, 2014

Custom tools guide payers to select laboratories that best meet their testing needs

Genetic testing for multiple diseases and conditions is now available throughout the world, with large reference laboratories as well as smaller providers supplying such services. Since laboratories differ with regard to the genetic variants analyzed, the methods used, turnaround times, and costs, payers may struggle to find the most appropriate laboratory providers for their genetic testing needs. To help clients sort through these differences, Hayes, Inc. has added GTE Laboratory Comparison Tables to its Genetic Test Evaluation (GTE) offerings.

“We developed this tool in response to requests from clients,” says Dr. Diane Allingham-Hawkins, Director of the Genetic Test Evaluation Program. “Clients choose the particular commercially available genetic test and the laboratories to compare and Hayes gathers the details, including the proprietary test name, methodology, performance characteristics such as analytical sensitivity and specificity, lab turnaround time, CPT codes, list price, and sample reports, if available. Most importantly, we discuss any differences between laboratory offerings and how such differences may impact test outcomes.”

Custom GTE Laboratory Comparison Tables are available to every Hayes GTE client as part of the subscription. The Hayes GTE Program also offers web-based algorithms that provide guidance with regard to the proper application of genetic, genomic, and proteomic tests; coverage policy support; and health technology assessments and evidence reviews for a wide variety of genetic diseases and tests. These resources are designed to bring clarity to the genetic testing puzzle.