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Learning Through Laughter: Hayes, Inc. Releases Humorous Ebook Regarding Physician Engagement

March 7, 2017

The publication suggests methods for supply chain and value analysis professionals to “fail” to achieve physician buy-in.

Lansdale, PA—Hayes, Inc., a leading provider of unbiased health technology assessments and consulting services, announces the release their eBook, 7 Ways for Supply Chain and Value Analysis to Fail at Physician Engagement.” The publication is a tongue-in-cheek look at ways to improve communication within health systems to improve the process of their value-based purchasing initiatives.

“Physician engagement can be a touchy topic,” says David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director at Hayes, Inc. “We know much has been written on the subject, so we decided to adopt a more unique and jovial strategy to address what can be a serious issue for today’s hospitals and health systems as they manage the transition to value-based medicine.”

The eBook is available for free on the company’s website and includes “bad advice” such as:

  • Making decisions without involving clinicians
  • Working in silos
  • Being resistant to change

While the company uses humor to broach the topic, the eBook also offers practical tools to counter the “ways to fail” by using evidence to breach the communications gap between supply chain, value analysis, and physicians.

“As a physician, I recognize the role and the importance of unbiased evidence in the technology acquisition and utilization management process,” says Dr. Zieve. “Our hope is that getting our readers to laugh will facilitate learning and communication. This publication will provide them with genuine tools informed by real-world experience and interactions.”

You can download the eBook “7 Ways for Supply Chain and Value Analysis to Fail at Physician Engagementhere.