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Mid-America Service Solutions Product Fair Invites Hayes, Inc. to Present

August 1, 2017

Ryan Chopra, MPH, Clinical Analyst will speak about the role of evidence in strategic sourcing at the August 3rd event

Lansdale, PA—The Mid-America Service Solutions (MSS) organization will hold their annual Product Fair in August. This year, Ryan Chopra, MPH and Clinical Analyst at Hayes, Inc., will present “Strategic Sourcing: What Role Should Evidence Play?”

“Lack of transparency in costs associated with product creation and distribution makes accurate evaluation and/or the comparison of product pricing difficult,” says Mr. Chopra. “Additionally, the incentives and goals of manufacturers and suppliers are usually at odds with those of the providers. As a result, inventory management for many providers is a “runaway train,” with thousands of SKUs, inadequate product standardization, and waste. Evidence has a role in changing that.”

The objectives of Mr. Chopra’s presentation will include:

  • Exploring the principles, methods, and resources necessary for successful strategic sourcing
  • Discussing the contribution of evidence-based value analysis to strategic sourcing
  • Exploring the potential gains and risks associated with manufacturer and supplier partnerships as a key strategy in strategic sourcing
  • Discussing case studies that exemplify best practices in strategic sourcing

“Significant variation in patient outcomes, spurred by a lack of health technology standardization, along with spiraling healthcare costs are a barrier to achieving the Triple Aim,” continues Mr. Chopra. “Traditional solutions like volume-based price negotiations and reverse auctions have limitations. Evidence-based decision making is key to the high-performance strategic sourcing that can overcome these limitations.”

The MSS Product Fair is held on August 3rd at the Overland Park Convention Center, Overland Park, KS, from 12:00 pm to 7:30 pm.