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The Road to Process Improvement Begins with Evidence

June 5, 2014

New publication from Hayes, Inc. explains why

Lansdale, PA—As healthcare providers work to identify effective processes that will drive real improvements in the way they deliver care to patients; they must discern fact from fiction regarding the information that is available to them. Choosing products and treatments that will reduce the cost of care and lead to better patient outcomes is a daunting process that can be streamlined with the use of evidence. Informed Healthcare Decisions Begin with Evidence, the latest white paper from Hayes, Inc., explains how.

“Making well-informed practice and purchasing decisions is a process that requires the use of both evidence and other sources of information at different points in the decision-making continuum,” explains Ms. Dee Donatelli, Senior Vice President, Provider Services. “Good evidence serves as the starting point to tell us whether a product or approach to care is safe and that it works. Once we know that it is effective and doesn’t harm patients, then we go to other sources of information, such as technical documents and regulatory documentation, to determine whether using it makes sense for a particular institution.”

According to Hayes, Inc., when providers fail to consider evidence as the first step, they prolong the process of putting into place the most appropriate solutions, which drives up costs and delays measurable improvements in patient outcomes or operational efficiencies. Download your complimentary copy of Informed Healthcare Decisions Begin with Evidence today to read more about how to combine evidence with other sources of information to identify products and approaches to care that deliver the most clinical value.