Clinical Research Response

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A Clinical Research Response (CRR) is customized research that answers specific questions asked by clients about health technologies.

View a sampling of our Clinical Research Responses.

Vaginal Dilation Therapy

May 25, 2017 Clinical Research Response

The client requested an overview of literature regarding vaginal dilators, including indications for vaginal dilation therapy and materials used in manufacturing of vaginal dilators.

SorbaView SHIELD (Centurion Medical) for Central Venous Catheters

May 25, 2017 Clinical Research Response

Facility requested clinical research on SorbaView SHIELD (Centurion Medical) for central venous catheters in terms of cost-effectiveness, impact on infection rates, and durability of the device.

Pulmonary Artery Thermodilution Versus Minimally Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring

May 25, 2017 Clinical Research Response

The client requested clinical evidence regarding the best practice standard for hemodynamic monitoring in critical care, specifically pulmonary artery (PA) thermodilution versus minimally invasive technologies.  

Space Infusion System (B. Braun) Versus Hospira Infusion Pumps with MedNet Safety Software (ICU Medical) − Product Comparison

May 25, 2017 Clinical Research Response

This custom product comparison report provides comparative information on 2 infusion pump systems, including B. Braun (Infusomat Space Infusion/Large Volume Pumps, Perfusor Space Infusion Pump System, and Perfusor Space PCA Infusion Pump System) and ICU Medical (LifeCare PCA Infusion System, Plum 360 Infusion System with Hospira MedNet, SapphirePlus Infusion System, and Sapphire Multi-Therapy Infusion Pump with Bolus Handle). PubMed, regulatory databases, and the Internet were searched for relevant information. A table summarizing retrieved information is provided.

Nitrous Oxide for Use in Labor, Delivery, and Immediate Postpartum Patients

May 25, 2017 Clinical Research Response

The client requested a literature review regarding the clinical utility and efficacy of nitrous oxide (N2O) for analgesia in the labor and delivery unit and for therapeutic use in the immediate postpartum period.