Clinical Research Response

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A Clinical Research Response (CRR) is customized research that answers specific questions asked by clients about health technologies.

View a sampling of our Clinical Research Responses.

SafeSept Transseptal Guidewire (Pressure Products) Versus Transseptal Needle (Cook Medical) for Transseptal Cardiac Procedures – Product Comparison

November 26, 2019 Clinical Research Response

This report is focused on the comparison of 2 transseptal technologies:  SafeSept Needle Free Transseptal Guidewire (Pressure Products) and Transseptal Needle (Cook Medical).

Automated Pupillometry for Detection of Impending Brain Herniation in Patients With Acute Neurological Injury

November 21, 2019 Clinical Research Response

This report is focused on the use of automated pupillometry for monitoring neurological status to aid in the detection of impending brain herniation in patients with acute neurological injury.

Fluid Warming Systems – Product Comparison

November 20, 2019 Clinical Research Response

This is the second update of this Clinical Research Response Product Comparison. It was originally published in January, 2016 and first updated on March 30, 2017. This update will focus on current comparative information for 4 fluid warming systems, including the 3M Ranger Blood and Fluid Warming System (3M), Belmont Rapid Infuser RI-2 (Belmont Instrument Corporation), enFlow Fluid Warming System (Vyaire Medical), and the Level 1 H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer (Smiths Medical).

Osteocel Pro (NuVasive, Inc.) vs Trinity Elite (Orthofix Inc.) for Spinal Indications

November 14, 2019 Clinical Research Response

This report is focused on the comparison of 2 cellular bone allograft products used for spinal surgeries: Osteocel Pro (NuVasive) and Trinity Elite (Orthofix).

Leaf Patient Monitoring System (Leaf Healthcare Inc.) for the Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

November 11, 2019 Clinical Research Response

The focus of this report is on the use of the Leaf Patient Monitoring System (Leaf Healthcare,Inc.) for the monitoring of patient position and mobility to aid in the prevention of pressure ulcers. It is intended to provide updated information related to the Clinical Research Response with the same title, originally published September 14, 2017.