Genetic Test Evaluation

understanding how genetic tests impact patient management

OVA1 (ASPiRA Labs)

December 19, 2017

At present, the overall estimated 5-year survival rate for ovarian cancer is 46.5%. Early identification does impact prognosis; however, the majority of ovarian cancer patients are diagnosed with advanced-stage disease, where survival rates are low. The relative 5-year survival rate for localized ovarian cancer is 92.5%, whereas for regional cancer with lymph node involvement the rate decreases to 73.0%. Metastatic ovarian cancer has a 5-year relative survival of only 28.9%, underscoring the importance of an early diagnosis. To this end, biomarker analysis to assess adnexal masses, specifically for ovarian cancer, aims to increase early diagnosis of disease. The OVA1 test includes analysis of 5 protein biomarker targets associated with ovarian cancer intended to further assess the likelihood of malignancy, allowing for risk stratification of patients, by providing additional information than traditional adnexal mass assessment tools.