Sample Publications

insights into the evidence we provide our partners

Medical Technology Directory

Health technology assessments that evaluate technologies for which there are a number of published clinical trials and a substantial body of evidence. Directory reports include a Hayes Rating for each application of the technology addressed in the report, with specific attention to the use of the technology in different patient populations.


Genetic Test Evaluation

Health technology assessments of genetic tests across a range of conditions and applications. Each report provides a clear, objective analysis of the evidence regarding the accuracy and clinical utility of a genetic test, along with a Hayes GTE Rating for each application of the test.


Health Technology Briefs

Health technology assessments that evaluate technologies for which there is a limited body of peer-reviewed, published evidence. HT Briefs are concise reports that provide a Hayes Rating for a focused application of a new medical technology or a technology that is already in clinical use.


Search & Summary

Non-analytical reports generated in response to client requests for information about technologies that have not already been addressed in other Hayes reports. Each report includes PubMed and Embase literature search results with abstracts, information from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), selected commercial payer coverage policies, lists of ongoing clinical trials, and evidence-based practice guidelines.


Clinical Research Response

Customized reports that answer specific questions asked by clients; including product comparisons, literature searches, clinical guideline summaries, etc.


Technology Prognosis

A horizon scanning service that monitors new and emerging health technologies.