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Preventing Hypothermia During Cardiac Catheterization

At a Glance:

Technology Preventing hypothermia
Focus of Report The facility requested research and guidelines regarding maintenance of normothermia for patients in the cardiac catheterization lab.
Literature Summary There was very limited published literature addressing inadvertent hypothermia in the cardiac catheterization lab. The citations selected for review included retrospective uncontrolled studies, a study protocol, and a clinical practice guideline.
Regulatory Status Maintaining a patient’s optimal temperature is a patient care procedure and therefore not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Viewpoint Based on a review of the limited number of abstracts available addressing this issue, it appears that inadvertent hypothermia may occur during interventional cardiology procedures. Preventing unintended hypothermia in the cardiac catheterization lab requires clinical consideration for the necessary exposure of the groin and chest during interventional cardiology procedures and avoidance of sustained vasodilation and thermal injuries.

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