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Coverage Conundrum: Multigene Panel Tests

March 19, 2016

The webinar was conducted in March 2016. Please note some content may be out of date.

Technologic advances in genetic testing now enable us to examine millions of DNA fragments simultaneously. Although promising, the benefits, limitations, and potential impact on clinical care need to be thoroughly examined.

This webinar will discuss the challenges facing Health Plans and Providers who are developing policies and criteria for patient management around the use of multigene panel tests. The webinar will focus on germline mutations and cancer profiles. In addition, we’ll look at what is new in the marketplace and how this impacts genetic tests, policy decisions, and patient management.

The target audience for this webinar includes payers and clinicians interested in learning more about multigene panel tests and creating coverage policies. These include medical directors, health plan care managers, and claims specialists.

By the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the benefits and limitations of multigene testing technologies and the current regulatory landscape for these tests.
  2. Understand the differences between germline variant identification and tumor profiling and how multigene tests are used for each.
  3. Understand this complex environment and walk away with an improved understanding of the use of multigene panel genetic tests.

Jennifer Malinowski, PhD, MS
Associate Analyst, Genetic Test Evaluation Program at Hayes, Inc.
Dr. Malinowski holds a PhD in Human Genetics and earned a Master of Science Degree in Applied Epidemiology and Genomic Concerns. Prior to joining Hayes, Dr. Malinowski held a research faculty position at Yale University School of Medicine.