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Hayes is fiercely unbiased as we invest hundreds of hours, compare the studies, face the complexities, and shine the light on the evidence. Our solutions are designed to allow you to make the right choices for drugs, procedures, and devices and to save you endless hours of effort.

What are your goals?

Attain Clinical Best Practices
Transitioning to value-based care can be complicated. You need to understand exactly what produces the best outcomes. We pore over and evaluate the endless studies. We can help you achieve best practices. And you may be amazed to find out that often the best solutions are often not the most expensive ones.

Enhance Value-Analysis
You have a lot on your plate. There is an endless stream of new technologies and you have to pick the right ones and standardize your products. You need to evaluate what provides the best outcomes, improves patient safety as well as the cost implications. Helping you sift through this data is what we do best. We shine the light on the best choices saving you time and resources.

Improve Coverage Policy Decisions
Our clients already represent nearly 200 million covered lives in the U.S. They not only rely on Hayes to develop defensible, transparent coverage policies but to also make decisions about new technologies in the absence of an existing coverage policy.

When you need unbiased information about the impact of health technologies on patient safety and clinical outcomes, or to develop defensible, transparent coverage policies, Hayes has the solution. The Hayes Knowledge Center is an online resource for all your medical technology information needs. This dynamic library provides access to information you can use when managing the impact of healthcare technologies on patient care.
Looking for some expert assistance with your projects? We have the talent pool to help health plans with coverage policy support and health systems to establish an evidence-based value analysis process. We also sit on clinical committees of health systems to provide insights and support around clinical issues, policy decisions, clinical standards, and best practices. Find out how we can become an essential part of your team.

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