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Client Benefits

Our commitment to delighting clients with the best in service has been the soul of Hayes since 1989.  We are deeply invested in your success and offer a number of supplemental offerings to accompany your Hayes Knowledge Center subscription.  Whether you have access to the full suite of reports or just one product line, your membership with Hayes affords you the following at no cost:

Clinical Research Support (CRS)

The Knowledge Center is a terrific resource filled with reports assessing thousands of different health technologies.  When you aren’t finding what you need, Hayes CRS team is there to help.  This client service is provided by a team of registered nurses with clinical experience, advanced research training, and expertise in biomedical information who are adept at helping Hayes clients find the information that they need. From the smallest questions about a report to serious inquiries regarding clinical matters, our team is well equipped and educated to handle any question our health plan clients may have.  Hayes offers a number of ways to reach out including email and Live Chat.


Evidence Advisor 

Clinical decision making frequently has to happen in less time than physicians have to fully research the facts.  When time is short and an acquisition or utilization decision is due, rely on Hayes’ Evidence Advisor to sort through the information for you.  Hayes Evidence Advisor is a clinical team member assigned to your hospital or health system when you subscribe to Hayes.  And if your question can’t be answered from the Knowledge Center?  Hayes has you covered there too.  Your Evidence Advisor will help you develop your parameters in requesting a Clinical Research Response.  In just days, you will have a customized response to your specific question.

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Educational Webinars

Our staff at Hayes fully appreciates the power of an informed and educated staff.  We know what that means to our clients too.  Hayes offers accredited educational programs to our clients on a wide variety of clinical topics for no charge. Our curriculum, which is free of commercial support, is designed to facilitate unbiased, evidence-based healthcare decisions about new, controversial, or changing health technologies.


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