MedInsight Hayes Grouper

Better hindsight. Smarter foresight. Better healthcare.

Hayes, a division of Tract Manager, and Milliman’s MedInsight® offer a new decision-making technology that integrates Hayes’ evidence-based measures with Milliman’s industry-leading claims analytics, enabling unprecedented insights that allow payers to:

  • Minimize spending on technology with no proven benefit, or that may be harmful.
  • Plan for the clinical and financial impact disruptive technologies will have on cohorts and populations.
  • Reduce the clinical and financial risk to patients, providers, and payers.
  • Redirect found revenue toward prevention efforts.

The Grouper features two evidence-based analytics calculators that analyze the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies, including new therapies, medical devices, and diagnostic testing.

Disruptive Technology Impact Calculator™ uses Hayes Horizon Scanning to help forecast the financial impact that emerging and disruptive technologies may have on a population over time.

Hayes Rating Impact Calculator™ is powered by Hayes’ evidence-based measures to determine the real cost of technologies that lack clinical evidence to support their use for specific applications, alerting payers to:

  • Spending on potentially harmful technologies.
  • Policy gaps—and how to fill them.
  • Utilization management and policy enforcement issues.

The results are consistent with TractManager’s and MedInsight’s goals of positively impacting our healthcare system through improved decision-making, patient outcomes, and sound financial results.

Professional Services

The MedInsight Hayes Grouper is supported by a wide variety of professional services:

    • Facilitated by MedInsight
    • Health Plan Policy Review
    • Policy Development Process Review
    • UM Process Review
    • Custom Reporting & Analytics
    • Strategic Plan Support
    • Medical Policy Updates/Creation
    • Guideline/Protocol Development
    • Development of Educational Reports and Webinars
    • UM Process Improvement
    • Actuarial Services & Support