Evidence Solutions for Payers

We Provide the Data and Reporting You Need to Make Critical Business Decisions — with Confidence.

Our evidence-based research, claims analytics, and consultative services support smarter coverage decisions. Health plans and government clients depend on our unbiased evidence to develop defensible and transparent coverage policies, care management protocols, and best practice guidelines. And hospitals and health systems rely on our research and analyses as trusted resources in the development of strategies that reduce the cost of care while improving quality and clinical outcomes.

Our teams research, synthesize, and analyze all available evidence and contextual information so you can make the best clinical and financial decisions. In addition to our traditional health technology assessments (HTAs), our MedInsight Hayes Grouper is the first tool to combine evidence-based claims analytics with a disruptive technology calculator that improves forecasting and helps you avoid unnecessary spending.

Reporting: Researched and Curated by Clinical and Scientific Experts

We do things the old-fashioned way: we read, synthesize, and report on the evidence. We don’t “screen-scrape” data and expect clients to sift through reams of data to find the relevant information they need. Hayes’ reports are trusted because of the scientific rigor behind them. They are also easily accessible to clients via our new Knowledge Center. Our Evidence Research Services and Scientific teams, as well as our Professional Services team, stand behind the reports and provide the personal, consultative service our clients expect and value.

Evidence Analysis: Gauge the Impact of New, Emerging, and Controversial Technologies.

We provide a critical analysis of available evidence, including clinical trial data, along with information regarding safety issues, coverage policies from the private and public sectors, regulatory approvals, consensus statements, and an overall projection of the potential clinical efficacy and economic impact of the technology.

Precision Medicine Solution: Choose the Right Test or Therapy for the Right Patient at the Right Time.

Precision Medicine helps our clients manage the flood of tests and drugs that emerge daily. Accessed through the Hayes Knowledge Center, our comprehensive Precision Medicine solution focuses on thousands of genetic, genomic, and molecular diagnostic tests and precision medicine therapies.

The solution addresses the questions our clients frequently ask:

  • Will testing change patient management for this indication?
  • If so, what tests or therapies should I use?
  • Should we cover testing and/or therapies?
  • Can we manage these services internally?

Horizon Scanning: The Early Warning System for Emerging and Disruptive Technologies.

Our research scientists are constantly scanning the horizon for emerging and disruptive technologies with the potential for significant clinical, operational, or financial impact. This “early warning” tool monitors new health technologies 1 to 3 years before they enter the marketplace, and tracks emerging technologies as they go through clinical trial development and the regulatory approval process.

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