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We are physicians, nurses, scientists, business professionals, and research specialists. We are here to help you with additional research into healthcare technologies, or to apply evidence and data to your policies or business workflows.

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Our team is “hands on,” ready to take your call and work with you to find the data you need. This skilled team of registered nurses has deep clinical experience, advanced research training, and expertise in biomedical information. From the smallest questions about a report to inquiries regarding serious clinical matters, they’re ready to tackle it with you.

Knowledge Center

The Hayes Knowledge Center houses a vast library of reports, most of which are reviewed annually and updated when appropriate. They include comprehensive health technology assessments (HTAs), which are a comprehensive review and analysis of the research behind emerging technologies. Hayes also publishes the greatest depth and breadth of research briefs, which are designed for the fast pace of today’s increasingly complex medical landscape.

Managing the impact of healthcare technologies on patient care.

When you need unbiased information about the impact of health technologies on patient safety and clinical outcomes, or to develop defensible, transparent coverage policies, Hayes has the solution. The Hayes Knowledge Center is an online resource for all your medical technology information needs. This dynamic library provides access to the information you can use when managing the impact of healthcare technologies on patient care.

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