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OTX-DP (Possible Name: Dextenza)

July 13, 2017

OTX-DP is a sustained-release dexamethasone hydrogel punctum plug proposed as an alternative to steroid eye drops for the treatment of ocular pain after ophthalmic surgery. The punctum plug is a rod-shaped biodegradable hydrogel intracanalicular device that delivers 0.4 mg dexamethasone in sustained and tapered release over 4 weeks. The hydrogel is conjugated with fluorescein to enable visualization through eye tissue for plug retention monitoring. OXT-DP is inserted through the inferior punctum following surgery into the operative eye, where it expands and conforms to the inferior distal horizontal canaliculus. It does not require removal after therapy. The device dissolves after remaining in the eye for approximately 30 days and is cleared through the nasolacrimal duct.