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An Unbiased Authority

For more than 30 years, Hayes research has been trusted to be independent of influence from manufacturers, investors, clinical trial sponsors, and other entities with vested interests in the technologies we review.

“We rely heavily on the currency, authority, and completeness of the Hayes reviews and citations.”

Stephen D. Marks, MD, MHA; Chief Medical Officer & VP Health Services, PacificSource Health Plans

“As a Medical Director at a health insurer, I have relied heavily upon Hayes to provide evidence-based reviews for ever-changing health care services.”

Medical Director, Health Plan

“I have been using the Hayes research product for almost 9 years, and I cannot imagine doing my job without them. The research briefs, reports, and updates are consistently helpful and timely. Their research is solid, and the staff is always available to answer any questions that may arise.”

-Philip Bernstein, Mass General Brigham Health Plan

“Hayes has been very responsive to our requests for evidence analyses and literature searches on diverse topics such as newer genetic tests, wound products, medications, laboratory tests, and medical and surgical services and devices.”

Medical Director, Health Plan

“Their products have played an important role in the development of our own medical policies.”

Michael M. Siegel, MD of Molina Healthcare, Inc.

“I consider Hayes to be the gold standard when it comes to the research and analysis of new medical technologies.”

 A Current Client

“When my company needs customized research reports, I know I can count on the Hayes team to produce evidence analysis reports that will guide me in making decisions on if/how we produce policies.”

Philip Bernstein, Mass General Brigham Health Plan

“Hayes reviews are always timely and thorough, providing a review of the technology itself as well as a summary of the research, regulatory status, position guidelines, and coverage policies from major insurers. This information is vital in providing guidance for internal reviews of claims and prior authorizations, particularly for services that are new to the market.”

Medical Director, Health Plan

“Hayes is incredibly useful! The quality of the reviews is excellent. I’m so glad that we contracted to use Hayes.”

Kari Patterson, MD

“Hayes is more ‘agile’ than some other evidence-based sources, providing weekly updates on changing or ‘cutting-edge’ services. The Hayes staff has always been very pleasant and responsive to questions or inquiries. I am very pleased to have access to the Hayes medical services and strongly recommend this service to others.”

Medical Director, Health Plan

“Hayes is a gamechanger for anyone conducting industry benchmarking, producing literature summaries, and requiring in-depth technology assessments. I strongly endorse their products and company!”

Philip Bernstein, Mass General Brigham Health Plan

Hayes is now part of symplr!

Hayes was part of a recent acquisition by symplr (symplr.com), the global leader in enterprise healthcare operations software and solutions, anchored in governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC).

symplr customers trust and depend on symplr’s provider data management, workforce and talent management, contract management, spend management, access management, and compliance, quality, safety solutions to help drive better operations for better outcomes. With the addition of Hayes, symplr has added clinical evidence research and analysis to our portfolio, designed to help clients drive positive outcomes and lower risk.

Being part of the symplr team provides Hayes and our customers with tremendous new resources and opportunities for success!

Our pledge to remain unbiased

For more than 30 years, Hayes research has been trusted to be independent of influence from manufacturers, investors, clinical trial sponsors, and other entities with vested interests in the technologies we review. symplr is committed to adhering to the methodologies and practices that drive Hayes’ high-quality, clinical evidence research and services.

Supporting Better Decisions for Better Healthcare Outcomes.

Established in 1989, the Hayes team has been trusted to provide clinical evidence research and services designed to inform better, faster, and more defensible evidence-based decisions. We focus on new, emerging, and disruptive health technologies, as well as technologies of particular interest to our customers.

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