Our Origins

Dr. Winifred Hayes, Founder and CEO Emeritus of Hayes, is a recognized pioneer in evidence-based decision-making, having spent 19 years in healthcare supply chain consulting and 31 years in evidence-based clinical value analysis practice / leadership. In 2018, Dr. Hayes was inducted into the Bellwether League in recognition of her significant leadership in, influence on, and contributions to the healthcare supply chain. Dr. Hayes has served as an advocate, educator, and mentor for evidence-based decision-making and practice for over 45 years.

Through the work of Hayes Inc., Dr. Hayes was a leading contributor to the transformation of coverage policy decision-making in the U.S., including the Hayes Rating, a widely respected and validated scoring system reflecting the strength of evidence supporting the safety and efficacy of a specific health technology for a specific clinical application and patient selection criteria.

Today, we carry forward Dr. Hayes’ legacy in advancing the utilization of clinical evidence in healthcare decision-making within hospitals, health systems, health insurers, and health plans at a strategic level. Our work informs, impacts, and supports:

  • Health technology acquisitions.
  • Reductions in clinical variation through health technology standardizations.
  • Value analysis methodology.
  • Utilization protocols and management.
  • Clinical policies and practices.
  • Coverage and reimbursement determinations.
  • Strategic planning.

The Hayes team evaluates the efficacy, safety, and comparative effectiveness of drugs, biologics, immunizations, laboratory studies, radiology, genetics, devices, implants, medical equipment, procedures, therapies, and complementary and alternative medicines.