Hayes Clinical Evidence

For Providers

Make Better Decisions for Better Healthcare

Reduce time, effort, and wasteful spending on low-value technologies and sub-optimal purchasing decisions.


  • Apply scientific rigor to your research. Manage product and technology evaluations faster and more efficiently with thousands of easily digestible clinical evidence summaries and thorough deep dives.


  • Get full insight through clinical depth and context. Fully inform your decisions with the marriage of deep evidence appraisal with real-world information from guidelines, payer policies, cost, and information about competing alternatives.


  • Stay up-to-date on evolving technologies and leverage on-demand custom content. Move forward with confidence with anytime-anywhere access to the best available evidence and current information, plus time-sensitive, on-demand custom research from a team of registered nurses.

Evidence resources that span supply chain, value analysis, and clinician needs.

Empowered, informed decision-making with Hayes Clinical Evidence makes it easier for hospitals to make value-based decisions about product and technology selection. With the evidence you need at your fingertips, you won’t waste time evaluating requests for products and technologies that don’t improve patient care, and you won’t make decisions that lack standardization, render low-value care, cause clinical variation, or result in poorer clinical outcomes—or pose higher safety risks. Hayes Clinical Evidence for Providers addresses technologies that are new, controversial, or disruptive—essentially, anything that requires an evidence evaluation. Services include:

  • Evidence Analysis: Providing the research, details, and services you need to manage emerging technologies today and better plan for your patients tomorrow.
  • Horizon Scanning: Monitoring emerging and disruptive technologies with the potential for significant clinical, operational, or financial impact.
  • Precision Medicine: Helping you manage the ever-expanding challenges in genetic, genomic, and molecular testing and therapies.
  • Medical Code Research: Saving you time by researching newly released medical codes so you can focus on the operational changes required before the ‘code effective’ date begins.


Light the Path with Scientific Evidence

Catering to your hospital and teams’ unique needs, Hayes Clinical Evidence offers an array of services and resources, ranging from clinical summaries to full analyses; standard reports to custom appraisals; and products and pharmaceuticals to processes, procedures, and diagnostics.

Think of us as the support team behind your organization: Researching, assembling, reviewing, and interpreting the data on the technologies you need to know about—and saving you hundreds of full-time equivalent hours in the process. For custom requests and clinical questions, engage with symplr’s Evidence Research Specialists, a team of veteran registered nurses with decades of hands-on experience. They provide support by assessing the impact a technology or product may have on patient outcomes, clinician satisfaction, insurance reimbursement, and your strategic imperatives.

With an evidence partner by your side, you can remain informed on the best clinical practices, stay up-to-date on evidence-informed risk management strategies, and utilize meeting preparation support.

Access unbiased information: Leverage evidence reports that are prepared using systematic, reproducible, and transparent research methods so every report is unbiased and potential conflicts of interest in the literature are identified.

Increase physician engagement: Drive clinical engagement and unite stakeholders by focusing on clinical outcomes using evidence-based research reports and customer support.

Optimize patient outcomes: Select the safest and most effective products and procedures for your patients to promote the best possible outcomes while maximizing value.

For more details about Provider Evidence, visit symplr.com.


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