About TractManager

Our Manifesto

Healthcare organizations are living, breathing miracles. Every day, lives are brought into the world, lives are improved, and lives are saved.


And behind every organ transplant, every heart surgery, every complicated birth and every knee replacement is something that most people don’t ever really think of: the organization itself. None of these amazing human-centered accomplishments can happen without the vital infrastructure in the hospital, the physician group, the insurance company, and the people running the day-to-day operations. So, while this fact might not get the headlines, or even any sort of acknowledgment from patients, it’s the foundation on which these success stories are built.

At TractManager, we empower the unsung heroes who make healthcare organizations run, with insights and technology to make smarter decisions. From improved sourcing decisions, to compliant contract lifecycle management, to NCQA-accredited credentialing, and provider management, we help people run their healthcare organizations at peak efficiency. And when this happens, ultimately, something pretty major happens: patients receive better care.


We combine clinical evidence and price benchmarking data with our technology, people, and processes to meet all your healthcare sourcing needs, from spend and value management to capital planning. 

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Contract Lifecycle

Meditract CLM centralizes, standardizes, and optimizes your contract management system to improve productivity, drive compliance, and protect your strategic contract assets.

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Provider credentialing and enrollment doesn’t have to take several months. Our technology-enabled, service-based approach reduces your compliance risks and the financial impact of credential and enrollment-related denials.

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Our Solutions

Our healthcare-specific application suite serves two out of three U.S. hospitals, and our payer clients manage 83% of the covered lives in America.

Serving the healthcare industry with integrity for more than 30 years, TractManager is the first mover in strategic sourcing, enterprise contract lifecycle management, provider management, and evidence-based data. The company’s more than 500 highly skilled and experienced professionals, operating out of three offices across the country, help clients to improve cash flows by reducing their capital and non-labor costs and

To learn more about our strategic sourcing, contract lifecycle management, NCQA-accredited credentialing, and provider management, visit us at www.tractmanager.com