Precision Medicine

The explosion of genetic and molecular medicine has produced mountains of options and evidence. Conversely, there is often an alarming lack of evidence. This is where we come in.

We help you manage the flood of tests and drugs that emerge in this category daily. Accessed through the Hayes Knowledge Center, our comprehensive Precision Medicine solution focuses on thousands of genetic, genomic, and molecular diagnostic tests and precision medicine therapies addressing the questions our clients most frequently ask:

  • Will testing change patient management for this indication?
  • If so, what tests and/or therapies should I use?
  • Should we cover testing and/or therapies?
  • Can we manage these services internally?

Comprehensive Molecular Profiling Test(s) for Solid Tumors Intended to be Used as Broad Molecular Profiling Tool to Assigned Matched Therapy

This report reviews clinical study abstracts and clinical practice guidelines addressing comprehensive molecular profiling (CMP) tests for the intended use as a broad molecular profiling tool (assessing DNA or RNA variants in > 50 genes), to identify biomarkers present in the tumor and then assign matched therapy specific to those biomarkers (may include U.S. Food and Drug Ad…

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