Petra Nass, PhD

Senior Scientific Officer, Executive Director Evidence Solutions

Dr. Nass is responsible for ensuring the scientific and methodological quality of the Hayes evidence products. In previous roles at Hayes, she managed the Hayes Medical Technology Directory and led custom projects for key clients. She has written and edited over 100 health technology assessments or comparative effectiveness reviews.

Prior to joining Hayes, Dr. Nass was a faculty member at the Johns Hopkins University and a postdoctoral fellow at the Food and Drug Administration. She developed plasmid vectors for gene therapy for herpes simplex virus and wound healing, and supported projects on molecular markers in esophageal cancer.

Dr. Nass has a broad understanding of research strategies and methods encompassing the natural and social sciences. Continuing education and certification in public policy and management (University of York, York, United Kingdom), cross-cultural training and management (Heidelberg University of Education, Heidelberg, Germany), systemic and integrative therapy (Psynapse School of Psychotherapy, Paris, France), and computational genomics and executive data science (Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA) complement her professional experience.