Business Solutions for Payers

We are a trusted source for credentialing, contract lifecycle management, and the tools payers need to manage risk and more.

Payer Credentialing

TractManager is one of two Credentials Verification Organizations (CVOs) to be NCQA-accredited, successfully completing the same NCQA program that governs payer credentialing. We have also been recognized by Black Book two years in a row as the top-ranked provider of credentialing and privileging solutions, according to a 2019 user survey conducted by Black Book Market Research, an independent market research company. We are expanding our capabilities to support the critical infrastructure of payer credentialing.

We can help you:

  • Quickly resolve network adequacy issues.
  • Reduce turnaround time for network participation.
  • Accommodate network growth.
  • Reduce costs associated with in-house credentialing.
  • Comply with state, federal, and accrediting body regulations.
  • Enhance brand integrity.
  • Focus resources on quality improvement measures and delegation oversight audit efforts.

Payer Credentialing Problems We Solve.

Large Workloads and Participation Delays. In our experience, it could take up to180 days to enroll a provider due to high volumes and manual processes. With our software and expedited, technology-enabled credentialing services, we can positively impact credentialing timelines, help manage workloads, and establish a scalable, reliable credentialing solution.

Network Adequacy Gaps. With expedited, accurate credentialing processes, we help you resolve network adequacy gaps quickly and accurately.

Provider Experience and Brand Integrity. Providers are able to see patients faster, and they enjoy higher levels of satisfaction than providers who have to wait months to begin practicing medicine.

Management of Staff, Time, and Budget. We reduce costs associated with in-house credentialing, and enable you to refocus staff on higher-level projects.

Mitigation of Compliance and Accreditation Risk. We take our accreditation seriously, and can deploy resources to focus on quality improvement measures.

Siloed Systems and Manual Processes. We are experts in contracting. Our MediTract CLM contract lifecycle management platform is considered the “gold standard” in healthcare. With built-in safeguards for high-risk contracts such as physician contracts, automated contract creation workflow, and a centralized, transparent contract repository, you can standardize contracts, auto-trigger credentialing, set expiration date alerts, and optimize your network management process with reporting and data analytics. The result is a single source of truth for your network and credentialing.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Providing Transparency into Contract Obligations and Compliance Risk

We provide payers with the services and end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform required to automate and optimize every aspect of the contracting process, including drafting, approval, oversight, and execution. Our contract management platform is built to support organizational compliance, and we offer comprehensive, customizable Professional Services designed to give you flexible options to address your contract lifecycle management needs.
The solution includes a common library to store all contracts in a single location, and a set of best practice and customizable workflows to drive transparency and efficiency. Our Contract Analytics exposes non-compliant contracts at scale, and our integrated healthcare Compliance Suite mitigates the issues that keep you up at night. 

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