Purpose of Technology: Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) occurs due to an altered or suboptimal shape of the femoral neck, leading repetitive contact and breakdown of the cartilage around the rim of the hip joint. Several different types of arthroscopic surgery have been developed to reshape bone and remove or repair damaged cartilage with the goal of restoring normal hip function.

Rationale: Hip surgery may be necessary for FAI to relieve pain, enable full range of motion (ROM), and to prevent joint degeneration and progression to arthritis. Arthroscopic surgeries have been developed for treatment of FAI to avoid the trauma and prolonged recovery needed after open surgery.

Controversy: Many different variants of arthroscopic hip surgery have been developed for treatment of FAI but few controlled and comparative studies have been performed to evaluate the relative safety and efficacy of the available surgical approaches.

Relevant Questions:

  • Does arthroscopic hip surgery for FAI defects alleviate symptoms and improve joint function?
  • How safe and effective is arthroscopic hip surgery relative to other interventions for FAI?
  • Have patient selection criteria been defined for arthroscopic hip surgery for FAI?

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