Focus of the Report: This report focuses on Eustachian tube balloon dilation (ETBD) for treatment of adults with chronic Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD) refractory to medical management (MM).

Technology Description: ETBD is a minimally invasive transnasal endoscopic procedure in which a balloon is inflated within the affected Eustachian tube (ET) in an attempt to widen the ET and restore the flow of mucus and air in this passage. ETBD procedures are sometimes performed in an operating room with the patient under general anesthesia; however, they are also performed in-office with the use of local anesthesia.

Controversy: Despite the widespread prevalence of ETD, the condition is not well understood and there is no reliable diagnostic tool or established treatment pathway.

Key Questions:

  • Is ETBD effective in the treatment of chronic ETD in adults that is refractory to MM?

  • How does ETBD compare with other ETD treatments?

  • Is ETBD safe?

  • Have definitive patient selection criteria been identified for ETBD?

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