Focus of the Report: This report evaluates the use of liquid sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for the treatment of allergic rhinitis in the United States.

Technology Description: Liquid SLIT involves the daily administration of a diluted dose of an allergen under the tongue, which allows the material to contact the oral mucosa. This practice is thought to desensitize the patient to the allergen, as would conventional subcutaneous immunotherapy.

Controversy: Some clinical trials have demonstrated that liquid SLIT reduces many of the symptoms associated with certain types of allergies, while others have shown no reduction in symptoms. In addition, questions remain concerning the length of treatment time required before reduction in symptoms is achieved, how long the effect of treatment persists, and how liquid SLIT compares with other conventional immunotherapy treatments such as subcutaneous desensitization

Key Questions:

  • Is liquid SLIT effective for improving symptoms of rhinitis or rhinoconjunctivitis due to seasonal and perennial allergy?

  • Is liquid SLIT safe?

  • Have specific patient selection criteria been identified for the use of liquid SLIT for the treatment of rhinitis due to seasonal and perennial allergy?

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