Purpose of Technology: The purpose of panniculectomy is to remove a panniculus, a large fold of redundant abdominal skin and subcutaneous fat that forms in obese individuals. Because it can hang down over the pubis and groin, a panniculus may cause various skin problems that are difficult to heal (e.g., irritation, rash, inflammation, skin breakdown, ulcers, hygiene issues) or cause hernias or pain, or it may negatively impact activities of daily living or quality of life, or interfere with respiratory function. Panniculectomy is performed at the time of bariatric surgery or it may be delayed until the patient loses weight after bariatric surgery or by other means.

Relevant Questions:

  • Does panniculectomy performed at the time of bariatric surgery or delayed until stabilization of weight loss improve symptoms, performance of activities of daily living, and quality of life?

  • Is panniculectomy safe, and what are the associated complications?

  • Have definitive patient selection criteria been established for panniculectomy?

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