The WavelinQ endoAVF system is a catheter-based system for the endovascular creation of an arteriovenous fistula (AVF) in patients requiring hemodialysis. The system consists of a pair of over-the-wire catheters with magnets arranged to pull them into alignment and opposition. The venous catheter contains a spring-loaded radiofrequency (RF) electrode, and the arterial catheter contains a ceramic backstop intended to align with the venous RF electrode. During the endoAVF procedure, the arterial catheter is inserted into the ulnar artery via the brachial artery, and the venous catheter is inserted into the ulnar vein via the brachial vein. The catheters are aligned, and the magnets hold the artery and vein together. The RF electrode is released from the venous catheter and energized, creating a side-to-side ulnar vein fistula in the arm.

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